Broadcast Tech Awards 2020 Finalist

SalonSync has been shortlisted
for Best Innovation in Lockdown (Product or Service)

We send a pre-configured Salon BlackBox storage device to the home or office of each of your edit team, a simple plug and play to the internet and then your box starts to communicate with our servers, keeping all your team in sync as per our pre-discussed workflow plan. Using accelerated file transfers (like Aspera) that maximise your connection (this can also be scheduled and throttled should you need reserved capacity*). The system is totally automated & secure. Unlike a lot of sync solutions we have designed SalonSync to be totally hands free and therefore there are no frustrating organising of folder structures after a sync or most importantly Avid database rebuilds! All the file and folder management is done by the system and you can continue to use your editing system without even knowing what’s going on in the background. You can work with local projects and exchange bins if you prefer (we can even set-up in and out boxes for this), alternatively we can discuss adding SalonProjects for online project sharing with Avid Bin Locking. The SalonCloud app for Mac or Windows makes connecting to our services  simple and secure.

Once delivered our Blackbox couldnt be simpler to setup. Plug one cable into your internet router and the other cable into your editing system. One of the Salon team will then remote in (with your permission) and configure the box with your specific machine. Once activated your box will keep in sync with the rest of your team and any other parts of your workflow that we have configured (such as cloud backup or on-set connections) you won’t need to do anything else. Media is management automatically in the background without any interruptions to your work.

Our 24/7 monitoring servers will keep an eye on all your BlackBoxes BUT unless you opt for our cloud backup option our servers will NEVER touch your data, all data is kept on your users BlackBoxes giving you security peace of mind. Transfers between boxes are secure (see below).

Our system is fully encrypted and data is fully verified throughout the transfer. For a full security brief please contact a Salon Account Manager for our security document.

Options are available for integrating SalonSync into on-set DIT & Data Wranglers workflows and also for integrating an existing Avid Nexis into the sync process if required. Our MiniSync solution can be carried around or based full time on set and connected to production internet or mobile 4G/5G to enable uploads to editorial at anytime.

Each user has the SalonSync App (Mac or PC) to monitor transfers, see user status and also summon an engineer to help out in case you have a question!

3 steps to SalonSync

The SalonCloud App

All our services are controlled at the user end by our Mac & Windows compatible SalonCloud application.


Add shared projects with Avid Style Bin Locking to our SalonSync eco-system


Link up to your on-set DIT or Wrangler to get rushes to your box directly


Add additional cloud backup or LTO creation as part of the workflow